Quirk Creation Rules

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Quirk Creation Rules

Post by Rileysaura on Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:41 pm

These rules must be followed at all times when creating a Quirk.


  • Your Quirk cannot be all-powerful. All Quirks must have some form of limitation, or in the case of unreasonably strong quirks, a downside.
  • You may use a Quirk that exists in the manga, or a variation of one if you prefer. However, the following Quirks are off limits:

    One For All
    All For One

  • When you create your Quirk, embed a link to its corresponding character if possible.
  • All Quirks must be created in accordance with the provided Quirk sheet. Failure to do so will leave your creation unapproved until it has been edited.


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